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Wreckasaur, Smashing Behemoth by TheHiddenElephant
Wreckasaur, Smashing Behemoth
*breaks through wall*  Oh Yeah!

I wanted to make a dinosaur kaiju, but those tend to be terribly boring and don't do much new well.  I also was in a Monster Hunter Kick.  So I made a kaiju inspired by Monster Hunter.  Whee!

Wreckasaur can spew acid from his mouth, hurl up slippery blobs of oil, and dig his tusks into the earth and rip out boulder to fling at foes.  When his jaw is closed, it looks like he has a spiky crown on his head that he uses to charge at foes.  His massive body is incredibly durable, making him tough to take out.
Tonslor, Alien Cauldron by TheHiddenElephant
Tonslor, Alien Cauldron
I made a kaiju inspired from a cauldron, and it is more Lovecrafty than Zygynth, my Lovecraft monster.

But it has no origin.  Le doink.

As for powers, it has an eye laser, can hurl up acidic blobs, and has three prehensile tongues.  It can drag food items into its maw, where they will be consumed.  Om Nom Nom.
Figures 105/104 by TheHiddenElephant
Figures 105/104
I dun goofed big-time.  I messed up the male on Figure 104, and didn't have anything else on 105, so I rammed them together and prayed.  The end result is something without any males, which is atypical of me.  I always try to have a male and a female on one of these kinds of pages, so it's balanced out.  That just flat-out didn't happen.  So, now I have a page with two female characters on it.  Not to mention that these are both scantily-clad, which should sink opinions of me.

105, or Curse Ship, is the personification of a cursed ship.  She has her name tatoo'd on her arm, so she is called Sea Lilith.  Fun fact:  The mast, spar, and wooden ribs on her body are actually part of her body, like a hand would be.  So she has a mast growing out of her back, a spar on her front, and wooden ribs.  I am bizarre.

104, or Mer, is just me fooling around with a Merfolk concept.  These happen from time to time.  Though let me say:  Figuring out the clothes to a mer is a HELL of a lot easier than figuring the clothes to a harpy!
Figure 103 - Snake Ukair and IDK by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 103 - Snake Ukair and IDK
Recently, I paid attention to some weapon nuts' discussion on medieval weaponry.  It was informative.  I therefore restructured Snake Ukari to use a better set of weapons.  But I still need to work on chainmail and snake bodies.....

As for IDK, this was going to be the popular reversal trope of scantily-clad-ness, and I was aiming it at women.  However, the more I drew this, the more it came across to me that I wasn't drawing something for the ladies, but a fantasy stereotypical badly-done homosexual character who was there to either be hated or laughed at, and that just didn't seem right to me.  So I quit it.
So, I've been on another Aztec binge again, and I want to redraw the Almacian pantheon (and possibly rename them too) so that they are closer in appearance to the Aztec stuff.  Just a heads up.

And sorry about the art wait.  Scanners are a rare commodity nowadays.


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