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Currently no where near a scanner nor a camera.  It'll be a long while before art comes, I do believe.
Featherscale Siren by TheHiddenElephant
Featherscale Siren
Have you ever wondered what your personal muse looks like?  I sometimes wander and wonder, and let my mind drift off.  And occasionally, it will take two fantastic creatures and combine them together into something new to draw.  I've been meaning to draw this for a while, and I like how it turned out.  She doesn't have the neck problems of the Merman from earlier, and I do feel like that I managed to pull off an expression, whatever that may be.
Trilobble, Mutated Ancient by TheHiddenElephant
Trilobble, Mutated Ancient
Funny thins go through my head at times.  I was like "Letsa make a swarm kaiju!"  And then I was like, "Hey, a blob is a type of swarm, no?"  And then I was like:  Trilobites.  I also somehow factored in bubbles and froth and other soap-like things in there.  The creative process is like an early-morning grumbling, not totally aware where you are going, only that there will be coffee at the end of it.

Anywho, Trilobble is a slightly-less-daikaiju who was mutated by experimental chemical weaponry into what you see above.  Thank gods for the creative liberties of pencil and paper.  It can, of course, move the blob it now controls, but can also spray out a corrosive foam, spit out an acidic bubble, or coat itself in caustic froth.

As for my art skills, it was a bit of a trick making the blob look like a jelly of some kind, and I still think it could use work.  I think I was idly coloring the shading in for a good 2 hours, listening to whatever, until I realized that it just wasn't cutting it.
The Hesperian, Chariot of Mars by TheHiddenElephant
The Hesperian, Chariot of Mars
This one was created through me drifting through some of my old mecha ideas.  One of the Martian ones I drew up, however long ago, included laser batteries to batter the enemy with lasers.  Bit on-the-nose, that is, but I liked it, and still like it.  I view it as much more cost effective compared to slinging multiple-hundred-thousand dollar missiles at the enemy and hoping they work.  Here's a hint:  Never name something with a word for failing to hit in it.

But it was a bit of a random monster walkabout.  It was just a process of sketching the basic form, then wandering about through various weaponry, strikers, and forms until I settled on one I liked, penned it, and colored it.  As it stands, I need more practice yet on the matter known as coloring.

Enough about creative shenanigans, what about the monster?  Or mecha, in this case?  Well, during naming research, I came across Martian time periods.  One of them was the Hesperian Period, in which we can only guess that Mars went from a wet and watery world to the dry, abysmal dust-choked desert it is today.  It was also the name of a vast lava plain located on Mars.  I liked it, I borrowed it.

Oh yeah, this guy is a martian war machine.  Thought you should know.
Merman by TheHiddenElephant
I have now made the realization that I have drawn far more male mers than female mers.  Oddly bizarre.

Anywho, this was the best one of this wave of art.  Also, just completed it.  Efforts in shading and some bg set-up may have paid off, but nothing can be said for certain.
So, I've been on another Aztec binge again, and I want to redraw the Almacian pantheon (and possibly rename them too) so that they are closer in appearance to the Aztec stuff.  Just a heads up.

And sorry about the art wait.  Scanners are a rare commodity nowadays.


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Hey mate, it's me, CryoKatana97. I made myself a new account and I'm making new Xevoz designs in case you'd like to give your feedback, like when I did the original ones. No blurry photo shots, don't worry.

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And I'm not.  he's been hung up on this for something like the past year.  He should give up, do something else, and stop getting people to pester me.  I am here to draw art and progress myself, not be dragged and hindered back by others.
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