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Figure 98 - Skiritl and Jumping Jack by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 98 - Skiritl and Jumping Jack
Way back when, when I drew the Almak Clothing concept, I had the best drawing of Skiritl I had ever done.  I've always wanted to duplicate that success, or possibly make it better.  With this new one, I feel like I finally have.  I've redone the clothing slightly, and there are coloring differences.  I've made the wings mostly dark, with light wingtips.

Jumping Jack is another slasher concept I had.  He, kinda obviously, jumps really damn high, and is exceptionally acrobatic.  I wanted to give him a creepy mask, so that happened.  His legs and arms are actually much longer than humanly possible, adding to his odd appearance.

If you're wondering, yes, I did alter the pictures.  Originally, both Skiritl and Jumping Jack were on their own pages.  I combined the pages and did a little editing work to give you a single piece.  Jumping Jack was from Figure 99, so I might end up skipping to 100 for the next one.  If I do, I'll repeat the first figure drawing I ever did.  I wanted to to a timeskip meme, but I can't scan Figure 1, as it turns out.
Figure 97 - Curse Pirate and Blank by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 97 - Curse Pirate and Blank
Not the most original page, yeah.

I drew a pretty female pirate, and to spice it up, added in some cursing stuff.  Like finny ears.  Not funny, finny.  I have judged that I just can't do a sexy picture well.  Seeing how that's what gets artists jobs where I'm looking, I might want brush up on that.

Also, I ran out of ideas.  I was originally going to draw in a Heavy Metal Rebel, but I realized that I couldn't draw it the way I wanted with the shoulders posed like that.  It turned into a blank instead.  Le sigh.
Figure 96 - Azlcarax Practice and Kid Drawing by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 96 - Azlcarax Practice and Kid Drawing
I wanted to work on Alzcarax's physical form a bit more, as well as work on that whole clothing some more.  I've moved the dress slit to the back, so she has enough room for her tail.  I also tried to give the impression of strength.  Not sure if that works entirely right.

Also, it came to my attention that I do not draw children.  I have since rectified that, but it will need work on.
Figure 95 - Minotaur and Psykorb by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 95 - Minotaur and Psykorb
I wanted to draw a Minotaur.  Thusly, I did.  I tried to draw a punching pose.  I still need to work on posing.

Psykorb is an old character that I drew a while ago.  I think few will remember.  The basic concept was that Psyorb came from a family of superheroes, all of whom fought crime without powers, like Batman.  Psykorb had superpowers, and her family was ecstatic.  They pressured her to become a superhero, and she chose not to by running away.  Years later, she has taken the dark path, and is now a supervillain.

Psykorb has psychic powers.  She can do basic mind-reading, as well as telekinetic powers and psychic constructs.  Her family also gave her training in a variety of physical skills from free running to martial arts, and she is physically on par with the Olympics.
Kazior, Hellish Alien Parasite by TheHiddenElephant
Kazior, Hellish Alien Parasite
I wanted to draw a squicky monster.  So I tried.  Not sure if I succeeded.

The biggest thing on this one was coloring in sections that were not clearly defined.  I think I achieved that.

Kazior is a monstrous parasite that has attached himself to the body of a giant lioness, giving the appearance of a centaur.  He has a mouth cannon, a clawed arm, and an articulated shredding tentacle arm.
So, I've been on another Aztec binge again, and I want to redraw the Almacian pantheon (and possibly rename them too) so that they are closer in appearance to the Aztec stuff.  Just a heads up.

And sorry about the art wait.  Scanners are a rare commodity nowadays.


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