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Diprodoom, Colossal Kaiju Wombat by TheHiddenElephant
Diprodoom, Colossal Kaiju Wombat
If you pay attention to Colossal Kaiju Combat, you will get a kick out of this.  If you don't, well, a giant wombat attacking and destroying cities should be amusing enough on its own.

Diprodoom has few powers, instead being incredibly strong and durable.  He can channel his anger, for he is very angry, into his tough nose when he rams his foes, causing an explosion on contact.  He is unharmed by the explosion.
Astrea - Mildly Newer Appearance by TheHiddenElephant
Astrea - Mildly Newer Appearance
I got recommended a power metal band named "Noble Beast", and, well, their music inspired me to try and redraw Astrea again, this time striving for a better appearance.  I like it.  I just hope it lasts.
Figure 91 - Glutonous and Gigantomachy by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 91 - Glutonous and Gigantomachy
Had to use a different scanner for this one, as the one I was using went up and decided not to work.

Glunonous, or rather, a depiction of an Avatar of Gluttony, is not my character.  It is one of Predisposition's characters, and one of the coolest ones she has ever come up with.  However, I do not believe that Predisposition has uploaded a picture of Gluttony on her dA account.

Gluttony, if I can recall, is an abnormally tall and thin woman, with a penchant for good cooking.  She is rather motherly, and loves it when people love her cooking.  She, however, will use any ingredient, even if it human beings.  She has the ability to grow cooking implements from her bones, which end up being super-durable.

Gigantomacy is the Greecian war between the Giants and the Gods.  Greecian Giants were sometimes said to have snakes for legs to connect them to their mother, the Earth.  I took that quite literally, as I wanted to draw a giant that was different than big human.  Snakes-for-legs works well, in my opinion.  But I do feel the quality of this piece is lacking somewhat.
Figure 90 - Xotachil and Astrea by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 90 - Xotachil and Astrea
I drew both Xotachil and Astrea again.  It's come to my attention that I am rapidly apporaching 100 figure pages like this.  I'm guessing I'll go to my first ever figure drawing and redraw whatever the hell was on that.  I never scanned it, so it isn't online.

Details for these two characters can be found in previous posts.
Figure 89 - Octopoid Mer and Cyber Shinobi by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 89 - Octopoid Mer and Cyber Shinobi
To complement the Merdude drawing I did a while back, I drew an Octopoid Mermaid.  I don't know what those things are called in real life, though.  The only thoughts that i have given to the character are that the clothes she wears are taken from drowned sailors.  Grim, but typical.  Seriously, if sirens and the like could drown sailors to eat them, what do they do with the clothes?

I also drew a Cyber Shinobi, or cyborg ninja, inspired by the Shadow Sun Syndicate of Monsterpocalypse.  Robot ninjas.  Only where anywhere ninjas have spread.
So, I've been on another Aztec binge again, and I want to redraw the Almacian pantheon (and possibly rename them too) so that they are closer in appearance to the Aztec stuff.  Just a heads up.

And sorry about the art wait.  Scanners are a rare commodity nowadays.


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