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Addradon the Destroyer by TheHiddenElephant
Addradon the Destroyer
Not one-eyed, not one-horned, may not eat people, but damned if he isn't purple.

This is Addradon, my take on what Desro'saur's CKC monster Aggredora looked like before he/she was defeated and torn to pieces.

Addradon was massive, being almost twice as tall as Aggredora is.  His power set was expansive, and he was the most powerful Alien Adapter to ever live.  He can regenerate almost instantly from wounds, but of course, the larger to wound, the longer it takes to heal.  He can fire beams from his eyes and mouth as well.  His many, many tendrils can pierce foes and drain them of their energy.  Not only that, but by scanning the foe, his tentacles can merge and combine to form weapons similar to his foe's, as well as doppling any energy weapons they have.

It took a large team of superheroic kaiju to take Addradon down, and the battle cost many their lives.  Fortuantly, a heroic sacrifice allowed the superheroes to expose Addradon's core, the source of his powers, and remove it from his body.  From there, he was ripped to pieces, leaving the head intact.  But of course, he didn't need the core to survive, and can regenerate a new one, with time......
ZIZ, Ultimate Wing by TheHiddenElephant
ZIZ, Ultimate Wing
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's both, muthafookas!

I wanted to draw a big blocky robot animal this time around, so I went with a bird.  Not the best thing to make big and blocky, but eh.  I found this to be quit fun and an interesting use of my brain trying to figure out everything.  It still doesn't work 100%, but I am happy with the results.

Unfortunately, this resembles RaptorGear's Giga Raptor a lot.  I probably should have thought the colors through a bit more.
Figure 88 - Bound Alzcarax and Merdude by TheHiddenElephant
Figure 88 - Bound Alzcarax and Merdude
I drew Alzcarax, but skipped out on all the fancy stuff just because I wanted to understand how her body should look.  I think I got the wings, and everything else is kind of being put off for her until I settle on how tall and how muscular.

I also drew a Merman.  This was surprisingly fun to do.  The goal was something that would pander to the female audience, but I still suspect I am a long way off from that ever happening.  Still, I like what I got out of it.

Also, you may not have noticed, but I am now lining things in pen.  It makes it much easier to see things that way.
Opieph, Dye Worm by TheHiddenElephant
Opieph, Dye Worm
Opieph is an alien Dye Worm, a massive species of sand-worm-like beasts that live on a desert planet.  As part of their biology, they produce a toxic chemical which is a super-drug.  Out of the gills directly, even a tiny amount is enough to be lethal to most human-sized beings.

Opieph has been moved off-world, however, because Opieph is HUGE!  It is so massive, it was disrupting the natural ecosystem, endangering production of the drug.  Because aliens are bastards, Earth was chosen as the new home.  Obviously, the chairmen thought it would be a brilliant idea (with a little chemical help) to place a titanic poisonous worm on a planet with a fragile ecosystem patrolled by equally giant monsters.  Fortuantly, Opieph is big enough to defend itself marvelously.

Opieph's head can fold up to form a giant drill, used to burrow through the earth.  A drill also tips its tail.  Its natural ranged attack is to spit out a geyser of Dye, the drug Dye Worms produce.  At such massive quantities, it can even corrode high-grade metal!
Dragon/Knight by TheHiddenElephant
I wanted to do a character piece for Ilzarra again, like I had done before.  I ended up drawing this piece.  The scanner was not the best.  Fortunately, I got a bit of feedback before I finalized the piece.  A user by the name of RiverClanCats, if that is how it is spelled, gave me some useful ideas to help make Ilzarra's dragon form look more armored, using more armored plates.

I also deeply hope I did a good job on the metal plates, making them look good.
So, I've been on another Aztec binge again, and I want to redraw the Almacian pantheon (and possibly rename them too) so that they are closer in appearance to the Aztec stuff.  Just a heads up.

And sorry about the art wait.  Scanners are a rare commodity nowadays.


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