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Kandlah, the Raider Prince by TheHiddenElephant Kandlah, the Raider Prince :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 2 0 Jeaster Jem, Earth Princess by TheHiddenElephant Jeaster Jem, Earth Princess :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 2 1 Excercise 1 - Wicker Man by TheHiddenElephant Excercise 1 - Wicker Man :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 5 0 Legend of the 3rd Sun by TheHiddenElephant Legend of the 3rd Sun :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 3 1 Il Xara by TheHiddenElephant Il Xara :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 1 0 Gnofgus, Thing From The Ice by TheHiddenElephant Gnofgus, Thing From The Ice :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 10 0 Sharkfolk by TheHiddenElephant Sharkfolk :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 3 1 Dragonslayer by TheHiddenElephant Dragonslayer :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 3 0 Snake Ukari by TheHiddenElephant Snake Ukari :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 6 0 Randomised Demon by TheHiddenElephant Randomised Demon :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 2 0 PNTHR-A14, Cyber Ravager by TheHiddenElephant PNTHR-A14, Cyber Ravager :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 9 1 Ugloko, Pit Creature (commission) by TheHiddenElephant Ugloko, Pit Creature (commission) :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 8 1 The Tower by TheHiddenElephant The Tower :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 6 3 Yiir Gola, Keeper of the Light by TheHiddenElephant Yiir Gola, Keeper of the Light :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 6 1 Malcontent, the Savage Spawn by TheHiddenElephant Malcontent, the Savage Spawn :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 5 0 Crytoslios, Crystal Rampager by TheHiddenElephant Crytoslios, Crystal Rampager :iconthehiddenelephant:TheHiddenElephant 9 0


This To That -Muertos Commission- by DJ88 This To That -Muertos Commission- :icondj88:DJ88 162 5 Zashichat by whiteboxninja Zashichat :iconwhiteboxninja:whiteboxninja 4 0
7 Tips for Writing Fantasy
7 Tips for Writing Fantasy
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 3 “Fantasy”

(Previous Tutorial)              (Next Tutorial)
“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
-Lloyd Alexander
My editor tells me that I have a magical super-power, one that I feel I must now share with you. I have the magical ability to look at a shelf of books and pick out the absolute worst fantasy novel there. As a
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 242 37
.:Biggest Taboos In Writing:.
• TABOOS: These taboos are the bad things that you want to avoid in your writing at all cost. Here are some for now that you can work on getting rid of to better your skill and overall appeal. If you're sensitive to blunt wording, you might not want to read further. I don't beat around the bush.
• CLICHÉ: If it’s something you think is undeniably predictable, DON’T DO IT!! Clichés are usually eye-rollingly stupid and boring in stories. Take twists and turns that people won’t expect. Keep them interested. Keep them alive. Don’t bore them to death with unoriginality. It’s okay to base your character in a stereotype or group, but make sure to show their individualistic character concept apart from the group to prove to the reader that they are more than just a stereotype.
• PESSIMISM: An overall negative attitude in books is kind of disgusting to some readers, and depressing to others. If your book has the same melancholy mood over
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 91 173
Domesticated Hydra by guterrez Domesticated Hydra :iconguterrez:guterrez 359 17
A guide on making an art portfolio.
Hello! Very often people ask me to review their portfolio, often enough to detect a certain pattern of wrong choices that cause potential proffecional artists to sit longer on the side bench than necessary.
The following article serves as a guideline but in no way it it the absolute truth or only route into getting yourself a concept art position or illustration job. See it as a checklist, before approaching your dream job.
It's the big artist dream to simply paint what you like and be able to sell that and make a ton of money so you can simply keep making what you like. Even though there are some artists out there that are pretty much living this dream reality, it is incredibly rare. 
When you want to be an artist working for commercial things like: movies, video-games, tabletop games, tv-shows, graphic novels etc, you have to inevitably compete with tons of other great artists. A lot of those artists don't know how to market themselves though.
(The art featured in this j
:iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 970 27
Letter to Batman by PTimm Letter to Batman :iconptimm:PTimm 8,515 515 Band with Rocks in by Loopydave Band with Rocks in :iconloopydave:Loopydave 889 242 Shading Tutorial by GalooGameLady Shading Tutorial :icongaloogamelady:GalooGameLady 766 21 Tips on how to draw hands by ElyonBlackStar Tips on how to draw hands :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 457 15 Photoshop COLOR tutorial by SoyUnGnomo Photoshop COLOR tutorial :iconsoyungnomo:SoyUnGnomo 693 120
Find your way around DA #1: Pose References
Coming up with interesting, accurate poses for your characters can be difficult. Either they all end up looking the same, or the poses just don't look right. Drawing from a reference is a great way to practice this. Luckily, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you out, both here on DeviantArt and one the big bad WWW. I've listed the ones I know here, so you don't have to do the digging.
- I've picked resources that focus on poses, not on anatomy. This means that the drawn pose references listed here are not necessarily anatomically correct. Though the two are definitely related, to me they're not necessarily the same thing. Your anatomy might be great, but a good pose can really bring your image to life. 
- This journal focuses on humans, not animals. Animal references will be listed in the next journal.
A little guide to the list
Real Life Poses: Stock photographs of real people in various poses, generally against a white backdrop.
Drawn pose stock:&
:iconiduna-haya:Iduna-Haya 772 179
Ursa Khan Prototype SOLD on eBay! (With photos!)
So in my daily browsing I came upon a strange article where the supposed prototype of the unreleased Wave 5 Xevoz "Ursa Khan" was sold on eBay on June of the current year:
The prototype is no longer on sale, but came with photographs, however:
It looks like Ursa Khan was a gladiator/viking Neo Sapiens with Viking armor, weapons and a bear head? (Maybe it's one of those extra parts that would come with other characters like Terra Crawler parts with Rocka Huna and Attacknid with Net Geist), the photos are real and all the pieces are shown. Sad to say, I haven't been able to recognize any drain pieces which is pretty downer (If you're the kind of people who actually played the game, like me, you'll know how cool those were)
Down here are the links to the photos of the prototype with the best quality possible. Do remember, these may be the only photos in existence of the Ursa Khan prototype.
:iconxevoz-fans:xevoz-fans 1 9
Color over greyscale tutorial by hibbary Color over greyscale tutorial :iconhibbary:hibbary 422 45
About writing
In honor of NaNoWriMo I wanted to do at least one journal about writing this month, even though I'm no expert.
Writing is everywhere
I feel like writing is one of the most unseen and perhaps even most under appreciated forms of art these days. Writing is virtually everywhere, yet it's very much overlooked. People tend to think about writing as just the stuff you read in books, but what about blogs and journals? What about your favorite game, movie, show, or anime? What about your favorite comic? Would you even like your favorite character that much if it didn't come with that backstory that made you feel so much for it? 
Yes, that's writing. All of it.
As for my own experience; I've always been fascinated by storytelling. I could watch and read anything, as long as it had a good plot and characters I could care about. I think the true skill of a writer is to make (nearly) everything
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 310 115
Fakemon Coloring Tutorial by zerudez Fakemon Coloring Tutorial :iconzerudez:zerudez 860 141



Kandlah, the Raider Prince
Honestly, Jeaster Jem was just an experiment, a thing to pass away the time.  I wanted some stupid armor, a stupid weapon, and it spun out from there.  I liked the end result so much I wanted to continue.  At first, I was going to do a whole series of Magical Girls, all Elemental Themed, all with big stupid weapons.  It would've been fun, but I thought that it'd be a little bit too boring and predictable.  It would've been like a boring set of playing cards.  You get one position, and do the art for each suite of that position, if I'm even approaching the correct terminology at all.

What it ended up spinning into was this guy; Kandlah the Raider Prince.  He's brimming with fiery determination, though that may be just his ludicrous weapon there.  It's like a lamp and a brazier and a lamp and a brazier on a chain.  That's on fire.  Yeah, fire is this guy's element.  Not so much on the over-designed armor, but considering the weapon?  Well, I think it pulls more than its fair share of weight.

Time will only tell if there is Water and Wind to add to Earth and Fire, but the odds are in their favor; My churning mind has ground together the inkling of a story idea, and with Jeaster Jem in there, it'd be an interesting story.
Jeaster Jem, Earth Princess
Her Majesty, Jeaster Jem, is the highly irresponsible, self-centered, and quite powerful Earth Princess.  She's mischievous at the best of times, and at worse, nothing is safe from her twisted, cartoonish sense of humor.  She may be a preteen, but she wields her magical hammer like it's nothing, causing earthquakes with each mighty slam.  Her armored dress is heavier than she is, yet she cartwheels and capers freely while wearing the rock-heavy clothing.  She can freely manipulate the earth, twisting it and shaping it to her own personal playground.

I've been in a bit of a creative funk, so I tried getting myself out of it by just plain drawing this.  I'll have to say, this is the most fun I've had in an hour-anna-half.  The whole point was to get ridiculous.  Like, Fantasy Ridiculous.  Armor that no sane person would wear.  Weapons no man could lift or would shatter upon a single hit (or both).  Fancy powers.  You know the drill.  And it ended up being a character.

This ended up being an evolving design that grew in concept as I drew it (always the best of things).  I just had the idea of some kind of magical princess (those aren't too common, right?) with strong connections to the Earth.  The pose and hammer were the first things added in to the mix, and somewhere along the lines, I decided that she looked like a jester, and added that in via her crown and name.  I was so pleased with the result that I've scanned it in and tossed it on here, just so that I have SOME activity.  The only alterations I did were in Photoshop with some filters.  I liked the old-parchment look that happened incidentally as I was changing the 'curves' to darken the lines, so I kept that and called it a day.
Excercise 1 - Wicker Man
I just got a brand spankin' new computer, and it's a Surface!  That means, by the powers invested in the tablet, I can do digital sketches!  This was literally the first thing I've done with this new computer, and I think it turned out... pretty good?  I mean, I'm not qualified, and this is hot off the press.

Anyways, the Wicker Man is a giant mutated plant monster.  It sweats out an oily substance which catches on fire really easily, but it itself is made from fire-resistant and fire-proof substances, which leads to it being a towering raging inferno.
Legend of the 3rd Sun
I did this as part of a school project last year, and figured it was finally time to put this 'little' number up here.  The assignment was to do a narrative of an old legend or tale.  Of course, me being me, I went with the Aztec Legend of the Third Sun. 

In the Third World, the rain god Tlaloc was given the task of being the Sun God as well.  Not a bad plan, in all honesty.  Except for the fact that he was married to the goddess of love, Xochiquetzal.  Love goddesses tend to do whatever - and whomever - they want, and it wasn't long before the night god Tezcatlipoca managed to seduce her.  They run off, and Tlaloc isn't able to handle it well.  When the people pray to him for rain, he flips out on them and burns the world down in a rain of fire.  After the third apocalypse, Tlaloc's sun god rights are revoked and given to his second wife.

While making this, it also occurred to me that Danny Trejo would probably be able to act as a fairly good Tlaloc.  But I don't think that an occurrence for that would ever happen.

I'd also like to thank the dA artist Mytforskare, as her comics served as inspiration for this project.  Also, she's got a good head for the depictions of the Aztec Pantheon.


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